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Install Guide

Home Edition

Note: CloudReady Home Edition provides the option to “live boot”, running CloudReady directly from a USB device without installing. Live booting has performance and storage limitations and does not support updates, so we recommend that you only use this method temporary testing.

If you are planning to live boot, skip to Initial Setup. When you are ready to install CloudReady to your device’s internal storage, proceed with Installation Process below.
Installation Process

1. Welcome: 

After the CloudReady splash screen and your USB installer has finished starting, you will see the following Welcome! Screen.

2. Initiate Installation: 

Left-click on the clock at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Within the menu that appears:

  • Click on Install OS as shown below:

3. Acknowledge Disclaimer:

On the next prompt, you will be warned to backup all existing data on the device as proceeding with the installation will wipe all data on your device.


4. Initiate Installation: 

The next screen will provide a final reminder that proceeding with the next step will overwrite your entire hard disk; proceed with caution. Once you’re confident to proceed with the installation,


5. Installation in Progress: 

Below is the final screen you will see. Depending on the speed of the USB device and the target hard drive, this process should take between 5 and 20 minutes. 

When the installation has finished, your machine will shut itself down completely. When you're sure your machine is powered down, unplug your CloudReady USB Installer and power the device back on.

During the install process, your machine may become idle or dim it’s display. Be sure to use the keyboard or touchpad to check if the machine is fully powered off before removing the USB.

Initial Setup

1. Welcome: 

After turning on your device for the first time following installation, you will be presented with a welcome screen where language or accessibility settings can be adjusted. 

  • When ready, click Let’s Go >

2. Setup Network Connectivity:

In the following screen, you’ll be prompted to configure your network settings to gain access to the internet. You can authenticate to wifi or attach ethernet as shown below. When your network is ready, you can 

  • click Next

3. Data Consent: 

Choose whether or not to participate in Anonymous Data Collection Policy (read our privacy policy), then 

  • click Continue

4. Sign-in: 

Congratulations, you can now log in!  Note that your username must be a address, or part of a Google domain registered through G Suite.

Media Plugin Installation (Optional)

CloudReady offers the option to install several optional multimedia components after install.  These components are:

  • Adobe Flash - used by many websites to provide interactive multimedia content. 
  • Proprietary media components - which allows for the support of certain audio formats, such as .mp4.  For a full list, see the detailed Chromium documentation.  

Enabling Media Plugins:

1. Login as a user to the target device.

2. Launch the settings menu:

   - Left-click on the System Clock in the bottom right hand corner.
   - Click Settings

3. Scroll down or search for Media Plugins and click Install:

4. Choose Accept License on the plugin’s licensing agreement if you agree:

5. For the plugins to become active, a reboot is required. You will be prompted with the following dialogue upon installing or removing a plugin, choose RESTART NOW:

Restart Now